Are You Receiving Pragmatic Geological Reports?

Your development depends on geological reports that are accurate, concise, and to the point. The reports must be useful for all stakeholders (owners, architects, structural engineers, city officials, etc.). Feffer Geological Consulting (FGC) takes pride in its balanced work product. Are your geologist's reports an inaccurate cookie-cutter document, a doctoral dissertation, or a usable, accurate product?

REPORT COMPONENT The Cookie-Cutter The Doctoral Dissertation Just Right
Feffer Geological Consultants
Its Writers Written by overworked, wet-behind-the-ears geologists with minimal oversight Written by over-priced geologists with too many degrees Written by well-trained geologists and overseen by a pragmatic PG
Accuracy Riddled with inaccurate references to other sites Accurate, but it took three billable senior reviewers to get there Processes are in place to maximize accuracy with a standard quality assurance regimen
Graphics Minimal graphics that are difficult to read and useful to few Comprehensive, beautiful graphics that are inordinately expensive absent utility Just enough graphics to communicate with all stakeholders
Recommendations Inaccurate recommendations that may not meet code criteria Overly conservative recommendations thatincrease project costs Flexible, well-balance recommendations that are in line with common sense and codes
Overall Usefulness The report is ignored The report is cumbersome The report is used

To receive a well-balanced geotechnical report for your project, please contact Feffer Geological Consultants. We will provide you a quote within one working day.

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